Monday, October 29, 2012

Scariest figures in US history: Bill Clinton 'Dhimmicrat'

Not many people caused more long-term calamity than Franklin Delano Roosevelt, but history is starting to turn on him with every book that's written about his lies and propaganda. Then there's Bill Clinton, a man who is paraded around the world as a bringer of peace and prosperity.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Besides his obvious moral problems, Clinton killed millions of Iraqis, then apologized by wiping out a Christian nation, accelerated the housing crisis, made campaign deals with Chinese officials, and — worst of all ... was president when the government murdered more Americans on U.S. soil since the Civil War.

The government murders at Waco has been well chronicled on this site, and in the amazing documentary "Waco: Rules of Engagement." It still can't be said enough that Clinton's federal government gunned down, burned and gassed women and children in Waco ... end of story.

Those people at Waco only felt a tiny bit of Clinton's bloodlust. The people in Iraq and Kosovo ... ? That's a different story.

This site summed it up best:

The most monumental of Clinton's war crimes, however, has been his policy of sanctions on Iraq, supplemented by the maintenance of intense satellite surveillance and regular bombing attacks that have often resulted in civilian casualties. UNICEF reports that in 1999 more than 1 million Iraqi children under 5 were suffering from chronic malnutrition, and some 4,000-5,000 children are dying per month beyond normal death rates from the combination of malnutrition and disease. Death from disease was greatly increased by the shortage of potable water and medicines, that has led to a 20-fold increase in malaria (among other ailments). This vicious sanctions system, causing a creeping extermination of a people, has already caused more than a million excess deaths, and it is claimed by John and Karl Mueller that Clinton's "sanctions of mass destruction" have caused "the deaths of more people in Iraq than have been slain by all so-called weapons of mass destruction [nuclear and chemical] throughout all history" (Foreign Affairs, May/June 1999). 
Clinton's Iraq campaigns set the stage for Bush and his war, but Kosovo was especially tragic. There, he and his globalist cronies drummed up a case to fight a war for the terrorist organization, KLA. Clinton the led NATO to systematic bombings of Christians, who are still being murdered in that current Islamic wasteland today.

Back at home, when he and his government stormtroopers weren't murdering Branch Davidians, he was killing the economy with social engineering, namely forcing the Community Reinvestment Act into law. He also employed John Huang during Chinagate.

But don't worry about murder and chaos, Clinton had sex with an intern, and that's FAR more important than anything else ... right?

It's so sickening that the this man walks into a crowd and gets cheered. He also doesn't seem to feel an ounce of guilt ... that's a true monster.

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